Local Business Spotlight – Carlisle, PA offers information on independently owned retail and service businesses in Carlisle Pennsylvania.

It’s primary purpose is to promote local small businesses by making consumers aware of those that are available in their area, and, give them the opportunity to get to know more about each business through a one-on-one interview with their owners.

Local Business Spotlight was designed by a local small business marketing professional named Jeff Sneeringer.  It’s part of a much larger mission Jeff is passionate about, which is to “Revive Main Street by Saving Small Business America.”  If you share the same passion, I’d love to hear from you!

Reviving main street is built on the premise that without the small, independent, mom and pop businesses, there are less jobs, less money staying in the local community, and less opportunity for those who desire to pursue the American Dream.

How A Business Benefits…

The Internet has opened the door for local small businesses to finally compete with the big mega stores and super centers.  Through free organic search, which is where over 90% of consumers search for products and services locally,  small companies have a way to take back consumers from the big stores.

The creation of a huge web presence will attract new customers and clients.  Then by implementing social marketing strategies they can keep those new customers.

How The Consumer Benefits…

As a consumer, you will benefit greatly by patronizing the local businesses in your immediate community.  It will result in more opportunity, more jobs, better schools, hospitals, and other community infrastructure, because more of your money will stay local.


Are You A Consumer?

If you are a consumer, feel free to browse the information on local business listings, as well as specific businesses which offer the product or service you are looking for.

Please help other consumers by telling them about businesses you have dealt with in the past. You can do this in the Comment area of each page!

If you have a favorite business you would like to see interviewed, contact us with the name and address of that business.

Are You A Business Owner?

If you are the owner of a local small business please Go Here for information on putting your business in the spotlight.


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