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  • Thousands of consumers who visit our local directory every month are specifically targeting a business who offers the type of product and/or service they are looking for.
  • Search engine operators like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are constantly looking for the best ways to please their users, the people who use their search platform.  By placing local business directories like ours, as opposed to single business websites, high on search results pages, they are offering many more choices to their customers, the searchers.  The reason being, a directory would include numerous listings for each business category.  The result, directories like “Local Business Spotlight” often get ranked on the first page of search engine results listings in every type of business category, which means your business is there too!


We offer (4) ways to promote your business…


1. Featured Listing

Each category page gives a list of all the businesses who offer the product or service that matches that category, and for the geographical area it is listed under.

Featured Listings are placed at the top of all non-featured listings.

When Your Business is listed as a Featured Business for your product and/or service, it will be exposed to a greater number of consumers who are specifically targeting your type of business!

So, when you’re ready to put your small business ahead of your competitors, give it a Featured Listing on Local Business Spotlight!

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(Below is an example with the Featured Listing in the shaded blue area)



2. Shadowbox

When someone arrives at a category page there is a popup called a Shadowbox.

This large box can contain any kind of promotion about your business, from a simple banner ad to a coupon offer.  And best of all, the box is a clickable link that can go directly to your website or anywhere else you choose it to go to!

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Here is a sample of a Shadowbox



3.  Contextual Ads

The contextual ad or in-text ad is a unique way to promote your business in an article on Local Business Spotlight.

Let’s say you own a restaurant that specializes in steaks.  If we publish an article on our directory that explains the different cuts of steaks, it would be in your best interest to promote your restaurant throughout that article.

Here is how it works…

In the article, every time the word “steak” is mentioned it will be colored blue just like a link.  When the reader hovers their cursor over the word “steak” a little bubble will pop up with your ad in it. The ad is actually a link which can point directly to your website!

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Here is a sample of how a Contextual Ad looks when the cursor is hovered over it…



4.  Banner Ad

A banner ad can be placed strategically throughout our site.  We offer several sizes.

Banner ads can be a link that points directly to your website.

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