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Attention local business owners…

Are you a local small business owner who would like to share your story to local consumers through a one-on-one interview?

Contact Us today so we can put your business in the spotlight! It’s FREE!

What’s in it for you?

An interview gives you the chance to talk about your company, share your personal story, and gives your business internet exposure to consumers in your area who may be searching for the product or service you offer.

Also, the published interview, which will include a link to your website, will give your website another citation and backlink. These two factors are crucial for helping your site rank high in search engine results pages(SERPs). Actually, those are the top two things Google looks at when ranking websites!

What’s in it for us?

In a word…content! Our success is determined by the quality of our content. By showcasing highly respected businesses like yours, we get access to content that will keep our readers coming back.

Local Business Spotlight is rapidly growing ever since our first published edition in Carlisle, PA. We are regularly adding new editions. You can view a list of our current editions here.

You may view some of our previous business owner interviews here to get an idea of what types of questions we ask.

If you are interested in sharing your story through a one-on-one interview, and we have not yet created an edition for you city or town, contact us now and we’ll build it!

The following is an overview of the Interview process:

1. After we receive your request for an interview, a representative will contact you via email to schedule a day and time to conduct the interview. The interview, which is conducted on a conference call, usually takes about 30-40 minutes, but you may want to clear your schedule for about an hour.

2. Included in that email will be a list of questions to help you prepare. We may come up with additional questions as the interview unfolds. Keep in mind, the more engaging the interview is, the better chance consumers will contact you for your product and/or service.

3. At the scheduled time, you and our representative will meet on a Conference Call to conduct the RECORDED interview. To access the conference line, dial – (712) 432-1500 and Enter Access Code – 247383#

4. After completion of the interview we transcribe it to text and optimize it for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes.

5. We will then forward a copy to you for your approval. At that time you can make as many additions, corrections or changes you desire.

6. After your approval, you forward a copy of your logo and/or other images, and we publish the interview on the Local Business Spotlight edition for your area.

7. After the interview is published, we promote it on social media, press releases, and possibly through other media outlets that are available in your local area. (Example: In some editions we exchange promotions with other media such as, radio, local bloggers, etc.)

8. If at all possible, we would request that you link one of your web properties, blog, website, etc. back to the interview page. (It’s great for SEO purposes for both of us) If you’re unsure how, we can help!

9. Consumers in your area read the interview and get to know you and your business! (Some may fall in love with you and your business immediately, but we can’t guarantee those results :))

NOTE: In some areas we also offer a video of your business location. If we are doing a video of your business location the representative will schedule that also.

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